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Charter for the taxpayer's rights
Which are your rights and obligations as taxpayer?

Cash registration - Consumers rights (2017)
As a buyer of goods i.e. as a user of service you should ask for cash register receipt at the moment of delivery and payment of goods i.e. at the moment of payment of the service. The cash register receipt represents a confirmation that you have bought i.e. that you have paid the price of the adequate good i.e. used service from the appropriate business object, on the date printed on the receipt...

Taxation with Corporate Income Tax (2017)
Short information about Corporate Income Tax, what is simplified tax regime for small and micro business, withholding tax on incomes paid to foreign legal entities and avoiding double taxation or double exemption...

Personal income tax - Taxation of the citizens revenues
The separate revenues that you make during the calendar year, as a citizen and taxpayer of the personal tax you are obliged to declare to the Public Revenue Office (PRO) and to file an appropriate advance tax return in the legally estimated deadlines. The revenue that you make in country and abroad, and that are subject to taxation and should be declared to the PRO are the following...

Opening of business
How to start up a business, registration procedure, providing tax identification number...

Taxation with the Value Added Tax
Short information about compulsory and voluntary registration for VAT, subject to taxation, tax rate and basis for tax calculation, value added tax refund, tax exemptions and incentives...


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