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The Public Revenue Office has competencies only on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. Pursuant to the Law on the Public Revenue Office, it implements administrative and other expert activities related to the scope of its work, as well as activities which arise from the special tax laws. The PRO implements tax policy, maintains the single tax register and tax records of taxpayers, receives tax declarations, assesses due amounts, collects and returns taxes, social contributions from the salary and other public levies, carries out inspections, assists taxpayers in complying with their tax obligations, monitors and analyzes the operation of the tax system, gives proposals for its improvement, cooperates with tax authorities from other countries and provides
international legal aid in tax related cases.

The Public Revenue Office collects the following taxes:

  • Personal Income Tax
  • Profit Tax
  • Value Added Tax
  • Social Contributions
  • Fines and costs imposed on legal, misdemeanor, criminal and administrative proceedings in favor of the R.Macedonia
  • Broadcasting Fee
  • and all other public levies determined by law or derived from signed agreement

In the recent years, the competencies of the PRO have been extended to include affairs related to managing and enforcing collection of fines and other receivables ordered in litigations, misdemeanor and administrative proceedings on behalf of the state. The PRO is also responsible for assessing and collecting other public levies stipulated in laws or fees from contracts which are revenues for the state, it supervises the application of the Law on preventing money laundering and other Income from punishable acts and financing terrorism, it supervises implementation of procedures stipulated in the Law on mineral raw materials, as well as in the Law on financial discipline, related to timely payment of payables and supervision over business transactions between the economic operators from the private sector.

The PRO is a special institution with an important role in providing funds for the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia, which ensures implementation of state functions. In recent years revenues ensured by the PRO amount to 62-68% of the programmed Budget. With the extension of its competencies to collecting misdemeanor fines, pecuniary sanctions and the broadcasting fee, the contribution of the PRO becomes even higher.


© Public Revenue Office, Rupublic of Macedonia