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Strategic priorities and objectives

The Public Revenue Office has set the following strategic priorities and objectives for the period 2020-2022:

Program 1: Administrative capacity building
- Quality management system
- Human resources management and capacity building of the staff through education

Program 2: Fight for prevention of, and protection from, tax frauds and grey economy
- Improvement of the activities for prevention of, and protection from, tax evasion and formalizing of the informal economy

Program 3: Public finance management – revenue mobilization
Sub-program 1 - Improved stability, efficiency and quality of the revenue collection system (tax system and policy)
Sub-program 2 - Improved administration and debt management
Sub-program 3 - Compliance risk management
Sub-program 4 - Introduction of Disaster Recovery Center

The three basic development components are aimed at achieving our mission and vision, as well as supporting and ensuring the real implementation of the tax system reform processes planned in the national programs of the Republic of North Macedonia and the programs for modernization of the Public Revenue Office.

To download the PRO Strategic Plan, click here.


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