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Refund of the Corporate Income Tax

If the taxpayer as advances paid higher amount of tax than the amount he was obliged to pay, he can require refunding of more paid tax from the PRO. The PRO is obliged the overpaid CIT to refund to the taxpayer upon his request, within 60 days from the day the refund request submission.

Settlement of the overpaid Corporate Income Tax with the monthly advances

If the taxpayer does not require refund of the overpaid tax, the overpaid amount is considered as advances for the next period.

Settlement of the overpaid Corporate Income Tax with the other tax obligations

The tax refund is also made with the settlement of the overpaid CIT with the tax debts of the taxpayer on other basis.

Upon the taxpayer’s request for refunding or settlement of the overpaid tax, the PRO makes an appropriate decision. If after the settlement it is determined that the taxpayer still requires tax refund, the PRO is obliged to make a decision for tax refund in the shortest period of time.


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